Events which led to the french

Thirty-nine deputies of the Assembly, who are also clergymen, take an oath of allegiance to the government. On July 27, Events which led to the french, Robespierre was arrested.

The Legislative Assembly was composed of various political factions, ranging from moderate royalists to radical republicans. Revolting against years of exploitation, peasants looted and burned the homes of tax collectors, landlords and the seigniorial elite.

Under this agreement, the British gave the Iroquois a huge number of gifts and acknowledged that the confederacy had the authority to speak for its member tribes throughout the Ohio Country. Lawrence River, which provided access to the inland cities of Quebec and Montreal.

Leading up to the War As the American colonies began to expand to the west, they came into conflict with the French. French troops occupy Basel in Switzerlandthen ruled by Archbishop of Basel, and proclaim it an independent Republic.

Camille Desmoulins organizes an uprising at the Palais-Royal to block the proposed veto for the King and to force the King to return to Paris. Ben Franklin sketched this cartoon to illustrate the urgency of his Albany Plan of Union.

Events Leading to the French and Indian War

Lafayette tries unsuccessfully to persuade his army to march on Paris to rescue the royal family. Smallpox Men of the garrison at Fort Pitt infect besieging chiefs with blankets from the smallpox hospital.

After an official of the commune is killed, anti-government prisoners kept in the basements of the Papal Palace are massacred.

Timeline of the French Revolution

They broke into the quarters of Queen Marie Antoinette who as an Austrian was particularly despised.

Diplomats of England, Austria, Prussia and the United Provinces meet at Reichenbach to discuss possible military intervention against the French Revolution. However, he could no longer reverse the Revolution, while the National Assembly from July 9 formally called the National Constituent Assembly became de facto the French government.

But the more numerous British settlers needed more land for their farming operations. Uprising of biracial residents of the French colony of Martinique. In the lead-up to the May 5 meeting, the Third Estate began to mobilize support for equal representation and the abolishment of the noble veto — in other words, they wanted voting by head and not by status.

On June 17, with talks over procedure stalled, the Third Estate met alone and formally adopted the title of National Assembly; three days later, they met in a nearby indoor tennis court and took the so-called Tennis Court Oath serment du jeu de paumevowing not to disperse until constitutional reform had been achieved.

Quebec The British win the decisive Battle of Quebec. Washington's army retires to winter quarters at Valley Forge Feb. Angry, unemployed and hungry Parisians saw it as a place to vent their frustrations. Louis was charged with treason. Table of Contents Timeline March 15, October 18, The King was widely viewed as a traitor for trying to flee the country.

Americans driven off at the Battle of Germantown Oct. The French government viewed its colony in North America as a source of furs and other valuable trade goods, rather than as a place to be settled. Fearing they would be forced to bear the burden of the financial crisis, the members of the Third Estate decided to form their own National Assembly.

The Assembly declares that all men living in France, regardless of color, are free, but preserves slavery in French colonies. Necker, the finance minister, is dismissed. Many of the killings were carried out under orders from Robespierre, who dominated the draconian Committee of Public Safety until his own execution on July 28, In the end, the events of the French and Indian War played a major role leading up to the American Revolution.

Where was it fought? The Legislative Assembly provisionally suspends the authority of the King, and orders the election of a new government, the Convention. The war was fought mostly in the northeast along the border between the British colonies and the French Colonies of New France.This series of events led up to the French Monarch convening to the Estate General to order a new land tax levy which the King hoped will ease his difficulty.

The Estate General consisted of the clergy, the middle class and the lower class citizens. There were several events that led to the French Revolution. The biggest cause was the poor and horrible living conditions of the people of France while the King and his wife lived a very lavish lifestyle.

Incidents leading up to the French and Indian War, –54 The French and Indian War, the North American phase of the larger Seven Years’ War, began after a series of incidents in the upper Ohio River valley, which the French and British governments both claimed as their territory.

September 18, French attempt to retake Newfoundland fails February 10, Treaty of Paris All French possessions east of the Mississippi, except New Orleans, are given to the British. All French possessions west of the Mississippi are given to the Spanish.

A timeline of the events of the American Revolution, from the French and Indian War up through the drafting and ratification of the Constitutuion. Events Leading to the French and Indian WarThe French and Indian War is part of an often-forgotten period in American history. It took place from to —between the time the first European settlers arrived in North America and the time when some of their descendants fought for independence in the American Revolution ( 83).

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Events which led to the french
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