The blunders of the latest presidential candidates

Roger Wicker says his Mississippi colleague is being treated unfairly for praising a supporter at a campaign event by saying: But she stresses that her pitch ultimately is aimed at voters of all ages. From odd statements to potentially felonious actions, is going to be an interesting year for politics!

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Instead, all representatives of each state get a single vote. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are once again clashing over illegal immigration, with each accusing the other of being the weak on the issue. Some party numbers are well-known.

If it comes to that, Congress will continue to vote until a candidate receives a majority of the votes. A recent poll showed Bolsonaro garnering support among 36 percent of voters.

The crowd, predictably, reacted by booing with more gusto. Gore also rolled his eyes, shook his head, interrupted Bush in the middle of a response to a question, and violated the time limits on questions.

Wayne County voters, candidates demand answers for primary blunders

To become president, a candidate needs at least 26 of the 50 available House votes. Electors from a state cannot split their votes.

The Arlington, Texas, baseball stadium where the Texas Rangers professional baseball club plays. Later, Ted Cruz sparked hoots and boos when he claimed responsibility for helping defeat an immigration overhaul that Marco Rubio helped carry in the Senate.

In case no candidate reaches the electoral vote threshold, the US Congress will determine the presidency. If no candidate gets 50 percent, there will be a runoff Oct. Alright, enough small talk. Mr Johnson's blunder has been ridiculed, with WhatisAleppo trending on Twitter, and Mrs Clinton chuckling at a press conference when asked about his gaffe.

Hillary Clinton says she plans to keep pursuing all votes, including from young people who turn out in droves for Bernie Sanders. Sanders also used the question to repeat several points that he has worked into his standard campaign pitch in recent months.

The initial results show Bolsonaro getting more votes than polls in recent weeks indicated, which put his support in the high 30s. Mr Johnson acknowledged to another MSNBC reporter afterwards that the attention to the error was deserved and apologised in a statement, saying he was thinking of an acronym, not the Syrian city.

Asked about his priorities for his first days in office, the former Maryland governor says Sunday that he would focus on efforts to boost wages, promote clean energy and enhance cities. The move allows him to fend off Democratic challengers in the state while still running as an independent.poll headlines provides the latest election poll results, including the poll averages, poll charts, interactive election maps, and election predictions.

The latest Republican presidential debate is beginning in South Carolina against the backdrop of news that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died suddenly Saturday.

Gaffe Track. Show Description + Every presidential campaign is full of unpredictable twists and turns. After a brief moment where it looked like the nation might slouch into a Bush-Clinton rematch. The ABC News blunder on Friday is the latest example of an overzealous anti-Trump news media.

The Latest: Voting peace in Brazil presidential election

President Trump's attacks are being used as an apparent excuse for journalists to abandon best. The latest opinion poll, which was conducted by the Sunday Business Post, suggests our current President Michael D.

Top 10 Worst Presidential Debate Gaffes

Higgins, holds a significant lead over his five competitors. The RED C poll surveyed 1, voters from Thursday 11th October to Wednesday 17th October, and it indicates Higgins has 68% of the public's support. Presidential candidate Donald Trump smiles while Sen.

Marco Rubio (L) and Ben Carson look on during the CNBC Republican Presidential Debate, Oct. 28, in Boulder, Colo.

The blunders of the latest presidential candidates
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